Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect if I hire you for my wedding ceremony?

We arrive 45-55 minutes before your ceremony starts. Our setup time is 5 minutes only.

You will have live music for up to an hour. This includes about 20 minutes of prelude music to create a wonderful atmosphere while your guests are seated. Please gives us a hint whether you prefer the traditional classics or contemporary songs.

For the processionals you are welcome to select your favorite tunes: one song for the entrance of mothers & grandmothers, one song for the bridal party and of course, the main song is for Your entrance.

You may need us to play some short, pretty music in the middle of your ceremony. This can be a very special touch if you choose to light a unity candle, pour unity sand or during communion.

We play several songs for the recessional. Altogether, the ceremony music typically lasts about 30 minutes.

This gives you approximately a full hour of music.

Does the string quartet play for outdoor events?

Absolutely. Our only concerns are the safety of our instruments and enough warmth for our fingers to move. Experience has shown us that we cannot perform in temperatures below 60°F. (Thankfully, in Dallas and Fort Worth, this is not generally a concern!)
At temperatures lower than that, we must have adequate supplemental heating. Please ask us about details.

We regret that we cannot perform in the rain. Our violins are made of wood and cannot be exposed to direct rain or very high humidity where the moisture is appearing on surfaces, as it will cause them to warp.

We cannot be responsible for weather related cancellations. We do not refund any payments. Please have a “Plan B” for your outdoor wedding ceremony.

We enjoy playing outdoors in the spring and summer. However, our violins are a bit more picky. The instruments must avoid direct exposure to the sun as this causes the instruments to warp and this diminishes the sound quality. For this reason, we require complete shade while using our instruments outdoors in hot weather.

If I choose you to be part of my special day…?

As is customary with providers of services for events, we do require a reservation fee to hold your date and time in our calendar. The deposit is non-refundable. When you are sure that we are the right string ensemble for your event, the first step is to fill out our booking form. Using the information you provide us on this form, we will send you a contract. Please print, sign, and date this page then send it back to us – using the address on the contract – along with a check for the reservation fee within 3 business days. We are unable to hold your date for longer than a few days without any payment.

The second page of the contract is a sheet you use to tell us what specific music or song selections you want to be played at your wedding. Please return our “Music Choices” page at least two weeks before your wedding via email or regular US mail. We would be delighted to create a completely customized experience for your wedding, reception, or party, and we can consult with you to make certain all your favorite songs are in our program.

In order to fill out our contract properly, we need the following information from you along with the deposit.

All remaining balances are due 30 days before your wedding.

All financial transactions have a written confirmation for your records.

Do you accompany guest singers or other musicians?

Definitely! Our string quartet has great experience in accompanying singers/vocalists and other musicians. Since these tend to be unique to each wedding, please contact us with your specific requirements. Normally, these types of special performances require a rehearsal with the guest artist.

What do I need to provide for the musicians?

Please provide one armless chair for each musician and sufficient light to see our sheet music. If you think that your ceremony will be in low light conditions, please let us know in advance. In this case we will bring our own mini lights at no cost to you.

What types of events can I hire the European Ensemble Strings for?

  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Tea Parties and Wine Tasting
  • Retirement Communities
  • Private and Birthday Parties
  • Receptions
  • Ribbon Cuttings
  • Christmas Parties
  • Marriage Proposals
  • Church Services
  • Funerals

…Or any event where a touch of class is needed.

We have an incredibly versatile repertoire and special arrangements for all these types of events. With our more than 250 songs – over 12 hours of classical, oldies and contemporary music we are the perfect entertainment for any event.


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