Wedding Ceremony Music in Dallas

Songs play an important role in any wedding ceremony. from the processional to the recessional, the type of music you choose will bring your family and friends into your special day. For elegance and class, string wedding musicians offer you an opportunity to take your wedding to the next level. Offering traditional wedding music as well as contemporary selections, Dallas String Quartet offers entertainment and songs that are sure to please you and your guests.


Wedding Ceremony String Quartet Musicians

Wedding medley / Quartet

The traditional string quartet is a touchstone for the most elegant of events. The European Ensemble Strings provides not only beautiful classical music but also non-traditional, contemporary tunes for your wedding ceremony. Also consider hiring the Ensemble for an extra hour after the ceremony so your guests will be properly entertained while you and your bridal party are busy with photographers. We offer a discounted hourly rate for the second, third, and fourth hours of our performances. Clients who have hired us for both their ceremony and reception always remark that it was the best decision they could have made for their guests’ entertainment.


Wedding Ceremony String Trio Musicians

Wedding medley / Trio

The European Ensemble Strings can be tailored to match any request and fit to any budget.

The String Trio consists of only one violin, a viola, and a cello. For an intimate ceremony in a garden or average sized church the trio format is just as sufficient as a quartet, thus more economical.

Our price as a trio starts at $500. This price includes a 20 minute prelude to greet your guests plus the ceremony.

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String Duo Musicians

Wedding medley / Duo

Two violinists, or a violin and a cello can provide a lighter sound in an intimate environment such as a small chapel or garden. We thought about our Clients who are on a very tight budget. A violin cello duo provides you the absolute affordable solution for your wedding ceremony.

We charge you $385 for a string duo for your wedding ceremony music in the Dallas area.

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